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Myerscough College

Should you require any assistance with your accommodation during your stay please contact:

·        The Duty Officer who will be available from 9 am – 6pm in the Residential Services Office (where room keys are collected and handed in to) and from 6pm onwards can be contacted on 07889754287 or at The Stumble Inn Bar.

·        From 12 midnight in the case of an extreme emergency, ie need of the emergency services, power cut, etc, please phone 07889754287

Deposit upon Arrival 

- As part of the general terms and conditions of booking the accommodation at the college, all teams will need to pay a £200 refundable deposit upom arrival that will be returned in full (subject to no mis-use or breakages). This also is to ensure the safe return of all keys that are distributed during check-in. Lost keys will be deducted at £85.00, from the £200 deposit. 

Safety in and around the Halls of Residence

Upon occupancy you must familiarise yourself with the premises, escape routes, location of fire fighting equipment, alarm systems and evacuation procedures.  Fire evacuation notices are in allbedrooms.  Halls of residence are a relatively high fire risk area.  It is important that fire extinguishers and fire alarms are not unduly set off as this may cause serious consequences – this is, indeed, a criminal offence.  Smoking is not permitted in any College building – please use the smoking shelters situated round the accommodation areas and The Stumble Inn.

Safety warning -   Please note that there is a golf course on site which will be in use by Myerscough members during your stay.  There will also be football activities taking place.  There are also a number of building works in progress on the campus. Please be aware of the safety implications  Adults must be responsible for the actions and behaviour of all children.  

The College asks that visitors respect our rural environment and, in helping to make the campus a clean and tidy place, please make use of the litter bins which are dotted around the grounds.

Vacation of Rooms on Departure

Please vacate your rooms by 10.00 am on day of departure.  Please take all room keys to the Residential Services Office before you leave.  If you misplace a room key there will be a charge of £80.00 per key.                                                 


The Restaurant will be open between the hours of 7.00 am and 6.15 pm on Good Friday, Saturday, and Easter Sunday. On Easter Monday it will be open for breakfast only and close at 9.30 am.

College Mini Market and Laundry Facilities

The College Mini Market, which is situated in the heart of the accommodation blocks, will be open from 12 noon – 6.00 pm on Good Friday,  from 7.30 am – 6.00 pm on Saturday and Easter Sunday and from 7.30 am – 10 am on Easter Monday

There are two laundries on site.  The machines take £1.00 coins and 20p pieces.  Washing powder can be bought from the mini market.   

The Stumble Inn

Please note that all players and staff may be challenged to provide ID for proof of age. The times for opening of the Stumble Inn are as follows:

Friday:  3.00 pm – 12 midnight

Saturday:  12 noon – 12 midnight

Sunday:  12 noon – 6.00 pm

Easter Monday              CLOSED

Alcohol consumed in the Stumble Inn must be purchased from the bar.       

Under licensing laws you must leave the bar no later than 20 minutes after last orders have been served.


You are responsible for your own property.  We advise you to lock your room at all times.  The key which opens your bedroom door also opens the main door into your hall of residence.  Please make sure that the main door is always closed.

Car Parking

All cars and coaches are asked kindly to park in the coach and car park towards the rear of the college. This can be accessed through the 'Plant World' entrance, and following the road straight up and then turning right. 

Myerscough College have a number of food options available, that will be available for teams competing in the tournament. The restaurant is open from 7am until 6pm daily during the tournament. 

Richmonds Restaurant - 300 seater restaurant serving hot and cold food throughout the tournament. 

Mini-Market - a general convienence store that has sandwiches, pies and a comprehensive range of food and non-food items

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